Careers Counselling / Child & Parent Psychological Support



As a psychologist, Jacqui has a warm, authentic and gentle manner when working with children and parents. She listens without judgment and creates a safe place for children and their parents to share their worries and concerns.  

She comes from a strengths based approach and incorporates the principles of positive psychology, with a future focused, pragmatic and outcome-orientated style. 

Jacqui helps children feel understood, articulate what they find tricky, and collaborate on the best way forward. She works together with students, parents and teachers to develop behaviour plans across contexts and with consideration given to workable solutions.

She has a creative and holistic approach when working with children and parents to manage issues such as:

- behavioural challenges (at home and school) 

- friendship concerns

- excessive worries 

- low self-esteem and confidence

- school refusal 

- sleep difficulties

- relationship difficulties

- parenting challenges 

Jacqui promotes resilience building and makes children feel empowered, providing strategies to support this, both at home and at school.

Through her experiences working at schools, Jacqui has identified a need for an external professional to act as a case manager and advocate for children accessing several support services and with other health professionals. She interprets reports into plain language, highlights the implication for students, parents and schools, and communicates these to all those working with the student.



Jacqui has a particular passion and is highly skilled in career exploration and in guiding older teens and young adults to discover the meaning and purpose in their lives. She is enthusiastic about helping them uncover their passions and align their interests with their skills, values and abilities. 

Her approach centres on unpacking options and practical considerations, to suit not only their personality, but to reflect realistic considerations. She looks at how post High School options and further study fits with her clients’ self concept and supports them in discovering a unique way forward, most importantly, living up to their own expectations.  

Given Jacqui’s experience, she is well aware that as adolescents approach their later years of schooling, and are confronted with the need to make seemingly adult decisions that there is increased pressure. This can be an overwhelming time, and Jacqui is specifically trained to support them both practically as well as psychologically, to find solutions, formulate a plan and manage associated stresses in an adaptive way. 

Jacqui offers wrap around support throughout the process, including:

- subject selection 

- scholarship applications 

- course identification 

- career explorations 

- resume writing support 

- networking guidance

- interview skills and preparation